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Residential Tenant Eviction

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If you need to evict a tenant from a residential property we can help. We can break down the transaction into easy to understand stages with fixed prices for each stage.

Serving an appropriate notice

We can arrange to serve for you the appropriate notice advising the tenant that you want possession and are proposing to go ahead with an eviction. We will charge £80 plus VAT for preparing and arranging to issue the notice. If you need to make any other arrangements before you can issue a notice we will advise on those and if you need us to do something on your behalf will give you a price before you go ahead.

That may be all you need. Some tenants will vacate on getting the proper notice.

Issuing proceedings

If your tenant does not vacate after the notice has expired you will need to issue proceedings. We can draw up the appropriate documentation and get the proceedings underway for a fixed fee of £325 plus VAT court fees which will also have to be paid.

Attending hearings

In cases where you’re evicting for lack of payment of rent. There will be a court hearing which needs to be attended. We can attend for you for a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT. If the case is heard, other than in the Derby County Court we will charge travel expenses for attending a hearing elsewhere.

Instructing a bailiff

If the court orders the tenant out and the tenant doesn’t comply with a court order, you may need to get a bailiff to attend and evict. We can arrange the bailiff appointment for a fixed fee of £100 plus VAT. A court fee will also be payable.

Would you like to take this further? If so, perhaps you would email us with your contact details and arrange to let us have a copy of the tenancy agreement. We will then contact you with details of any further information so that we can get matters underway.

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